Specialist in the manufacturing of folding and fixed-size wooden boxes. Our aim is to offer high-quality products that meet our client’s needs. Our products are designed to comply with our client’s specifications, such as:

  • Weight of the box
  • Strength & durability
  • Lifecycle
  • Type of shipped and/or stored merchandise
  • Bearing capacity according to stacking & storage
  • Wear & tear caused by handling
  • Tractor/fork lift inclines (0 to 90 degrees) and rotations (90 to 180 degrees)
  • Storage factors (box with/without content)
Jamotech’s products are made from hard wood, soft wood, plywood, or in combination. At Jamotech, we have always been striving to improve our products & production methods and are doing so. Our improvements are field-tested by our clients.

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