JamoBox : Folding box

A green box

Compared to fixed-size box, the use of folding boxes can help reduce freight by 80%. That is why Jamotech’s boxes are said to be “green”. They help in reducing freight costs as well as GHGs.

Raw material selected with care

The selection of raw materials is of utmost importance to manufacture a folding box that is strong and of quality. We specially select: 
  • Wood species (especially those that hold in nails & crimps) and wood quality
  • Fabrics use as hinge straps
    • Non-elastic
    • Anti-UV
    • High breaking point
    • Woven to hold in crimps
  • Resin-coated crimps in great numbers
  • Spiral-threaded nail
  • Metal anchorage that is both strong and efficient in binding the sides with the bottom of the box.
  • High-quality assembly performed by our trained workers.
Other advantages of the folding box
  • Storage space saving
  • More than one box on a fork-load
  • Embed into one another when stacked, which strengthen the stack when stored. Stack perfectly.
  • Easy repairs for standard sized boards
  • Quick assembly
  • Durable (all of our boxes are durable and have a long lifespan)
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