Jamobox, environmentally friendly and sustainable

Jamotech inc. specializes in the manufacturing of wooden boxes of all sizes.

Jamotech’s foldable boxes are employed by the agri-food industry and the industrial sector.

Clients from the agri-food industry appreciate Jamotech’s bins and boxes for their strength & durability while clients from the industrial sector rely on Jamotech’s strong and dependable boxes to secure their goods over long distance shipments.

Jamotech’s bins and boxes can reduce costs and GHG by cutting down on freight & storage.

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Established in Princeville (Québec), Jamotech inc. specializes in the manufacturing of wooden boxes.
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Our aim is to offer high-quality products that meet our client’s needs.
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With the aid of a $500 000 investment on equipment in 2009, Jamotech is able to efficiently & rapidly supply boxes to meet every demand. This investment is passed down to our clients in the form of competitive prices, thanks to our high-speed lumber line & automated crimper.

Our products are made from hard or soft wood, depending on their purpose, but the frame is generally made from hard wood, the bearing capacity being a crucial factor for large-size boxes.

Jamotech’s quality design and manufacturing make it possible to stack & store Jamotech’s fixed-size or foldable boxes; Jamotech uses as many crimps as nails to assemble its products.

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